FreshView 7.52

With FreshView we can view our images, audio or videos and create html albums
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FreshView 7.5 is a software for viewing our images, audio or videos and creating html albums or slide shows.
The program is very easy to use because the interface of it is very intuitive and we can handled like we wish.
When we open the program we can find one toolbar, one panel for browsing our files and for searchs images or videos and other two panels and a central window.
In the toolbar we can find buttons for cuting, copying or pasting files from a clipboard, making a slideshow of selected files, printing, showing the images properties and the settings.
After clicking the settings button we can select our options like choose the extensions of the files and add effects to our slideshow and select from more than twenty of them.
In the explore panel we can search and select our files and in the other two panel we can handle our pictures in one of them we can see our picture and when we press the right click in our mouse we can select as a wallpaper, rename, copy, paste and more.
In the same panel we can find four tags for handle the image effects, hue and saturation, brightness and contrast and zoom and rotating. In the other panel you must to drag and drop the image to it and you can create a html album, slide show, contact print, create a file list, convert and resample and print it.

Paula Ledesma
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  • Can create an html album and slide show from our multimedia files
  • Is very easy to use because the interface of it is very intuitive


  • Has no disadvantages
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